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Capable, Connected, and Cared For

The Maui Academy of Arts and Sciences is a proposed free public charter Middle School for the North Shore and UpCountry Communities of Maui. We seek to develop individuals who are capable, connected, and cared for. Our purpose is to engage students in authentic problem-solving through hands-on place-based learning.

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Our Mission

Maui Academy of Arts and Sciences develops individuals who are capable, connected, and cared for. Our school culture fosters confidence through active, collaborative place-based learning experiences inside and outside the classroom. Our students are empowered leaders who are engaged both locally and globally; they leave us fully prepared for rigorous high school and the world beyond.


Our Vision

Maui Academy of Arts and Sciences is the school of choice for all of Maui’s students who seek to engage in work that matters to them while impacting the broader community. Working with experts beyond the walls of our school, our students self-select field work and projects they see a societal need to pursue. In this way our children develop an emerging sense of their own purpose and internalize that they are agents of change. The inquiry-based curriculum exposes students to community challenges in order to innovate real-world solutions. Our school nurtures students’ creativity, curiosity, and desire to contribute their gifts to society for the greater good.

Core Values

Mālama Honua

Care for the Earth

We protect the environment. We understand that our health and well-being are directly connected to the health of our earth. We are deeply connected to this place, our ahupua’a, and our homeland.



We search for answers. We solve problems. We look for creative ways to do new things. We are bold, we ask questions that haven’t been asked. We look to others who have more experience and ask them to guide us.



We strive to be morally righteous and fair. Our ethics guide our identification of problems and direct us to find socially just solutions.



We aim for our goals. When the going gets tough, we hang in, dig deeper, persevere. We ask for help when we need it. We encourage each other to give our all. We do not give up until we’ve done our best. We hold fast to our dreams, aspirations, goals, and vision.



We aim high. We strive to find and fulfill our purpose. We support each other, we lift one another up, and higher. We inspire our communities.



We spread our knowledge. We give our time. We volunteer. We show each other that we care. We ask others to share with us what they have to give. We are part of a family and the larger community.



We put forth our best efforts in all things. We take pride in learning, asking, engaging, trying, and trying again. We take pride in ourselves and in turn, we make our families, teachers, and communities proud.

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